Shadowplay Records,
(p) 2007\2017

Label: Shadowplay Records (SPR 056) \ K-Records (KR-004)
Format: digipack-CD, limited edition, 500 handnumbered copies \ 300 handnumbered copies
Release date: 24.
12.2007 \ 01.07.2017
Running time: 5036 \ 57'48


01. Snezhki (intro)
02. Zhito Zhala
03. Sobiraetse Liubeznoy
04. Zvetiki
05. Deus Amet Puellam
06. Na Zore
07. Pesnya Zaschitnikov Solovetskogo Monastirya
08. Volna Shumit
09. Krug-Koltso
10. Snezhki (outro)
11. Zhalko, Zhalko Mne Milogo (2017 edition bonus-track)

This release was initiated by Arkhangelsk project SDB that was in the cradle of the industrial music in Russia and had several joint tracks with MOON FAR AWAY. This release is in someway the experience of transformation compositions from "Belovodie" album and some other compilations of MOON FAR AWAY into lounge/idm stylistic. MOON FAR AWAY musicians created two folk tracks of Arkhangelsk province special for this project. And the musicians of the SIX DEAD BULGARIANS made arrangements for these songs. Thus the "Matitsa" is one more MFA experience in musical dimensions and in some way reincarnation of the ancient folk texts. This CD is released with special design and printed with metallic ink.

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