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- Could you present us Moon Far Away and its line-up?

- MOON FAR AWAY is a ritual-darkwave\neo-folk band from the Russian North, Archangelsk city. By the way, our city is one of two Russian cities, mentioned in “Frankenstein” novel. The actual line-up are Anastasia (vocals), and me, Count Ash (all instruments, programming and vocals). Our old female-vocalist, Anea, leaved the project after two first albums, “LADO WORLD” and “SATOR” – she became a mother. Our third member, Heleg, who was our photographer during many years, now lives in another town.
Today MFA is, probably, one of the topic name of Russian “dark”-scene.

- Why did you choose an english name whereas you seem very attached to your
russian culture ? And why this particular name ?

- I think, MOON FAR AWAY just a image, the choice of which and real meaning very difficult to describe. Its not the summa of all words, consisting the band name, but something more… Yes the title is in English, because in the very beginning of MFA history we knew: the project will have a future in a international scene, not only in Russia (anyway, we’re the great patriots of our Motherland). In our language the name of MOON FAR AWAY sounds like LUNA DALEKO – but, to my mind, this Image is not so full, as in English, and we prefer not translate our name to another languages. But sometimes I’m even think, what MOON FAR AWAY just really means something like “I love Sun more than Moon, The Light more than darkness!”

- A few words about the creative process of “BELOVODIE” ?

- We worked on “BELOVODIE” album creation 4 years. The CD is a first musical project of our Anastasia, and she did her work really excellent! There are only one song written by me, another songs based on deepest ritual and lyric folklore of our region, - Pomorje, Russian North (its not Syberian lands), as many people thinks. This land keeps the deepest and really Russian folk-materials ingeneral, very clear and strong. Now I think, that “BELOVODIE” is actually the best MFA release, so ritual and true. And it’s a very pleasure fact – the joint release of the CD on Russian label Shadowplay Release and Prikosnovenie Records. By the way, it was very nice to work with PRIKO team. Do You know what Russian and French releases has an absolutely different artwork?!

- This album evokes very much Nature, most of the tracks refering to the wind, mountains or flowers┼ Even your artwork ! Are you into paganism?

- No. Now I can tell – yes, our debut  CD, “LADO WORLD” has real touch of world pagan tendencies. But “SATOR” and “BELOVODIE” are dedicated to higher spiritual spheres, the Spiritual Cosmos. Speaking about me, I’m into Orthodox Christianity, very deep and true Russian religion, which have many elements of Slavish paganism. Its is some kind of dualism – from one side, very strong and high spiritual school, from another – the real things, that helped the people of Middle Ages Russia I their life in mother-Nature’s body.This religion still keeps many ancient elements, takes many mystic moments and, to my mind, more close to the original Christ philosophy, than Western Christianity. And, too, I’m very interesting in philosophy of Russian writer and visioner Daniil Andreev and his great book “The Rose Of The World”. And from this point of view, MOON FAR AWAY is a contemporary spiritual music project!

- A few words about track 9 ? What is the sample that can be heard ?

- If You mean the song “Arise The Red Sun”? It’s the old song of kazaks, members of Russian warriors casta, who lived and hided on Russian North after their riots. This is hymn to arising Sun, The Nature and the human Will. This song was a first track, recorded for “BELOVODIE”, and we used there the voice-sample of MOON FAR AWAY first female-vocalist, Anea.

- The visual side of your work is very important. Can you tell us more about it, about the gowns, masks and stuff ? Where does the photo on the backsleeve of “BELOVODIE” come from ?

- Some of “BELOVODIE” photos made by me on Solovetsk island, the sacral pagan and  Christianity place not far from our town Archangelsk, in White Sea. These are the famous Solovetsk labyrinths, so beautiful and mystic, lies on Earth more than 3 thousands years. The concert and visual images of MFA’s members is a very important, You are right. Our masks and clothes symbolize the fact, what the real Artist have no own Face, he is just medium between the Lord, His Will, - and people. Real Artist is someone who forgot his own private life for to speak on the Higher Language, to tell people the Higher Ideas. Our live-performance – not concrete ancient rituals, of cause, but something very archetypical in its forms, close to each man.

- Do you consider your work and gigs as kind of rituals ?

- Yes, we do. We like to do our performances on a strong and energetic points of Year Circle, the ancient Sun and Moon celebrates. May be its some kind of Art Messa – not religious or another ideological, but very energetic and charismatic. And very beautiful, I think…

- Are some of you professionnally into photography ?

- Not so professional, as we wish… But we like to do this very much.

- What about your credoes ? What is their importance in your work ?

- Yes, we has a special MOON FAR AWAY Credo, which everyboby may see on our official web-site. It is beginning by the words:

“There is nothing except everything.

There is no God except God.

Music is a mystical union of the One’s separate parts, a superreal substance which belongs to the inseparable stream of existence.

Will is a correct direction of energy, anticipation of Achievement.

Love is a silence of Music.

Art’s genuine and original nature is embodiment of spiritual substance and ritual Service…

Spirit, Service, Will, Tradition, Power,


- May Count Ash tell us a bit about Wolfsblood ?

- Wolfsblood is a nickname of our good friend from Moscow. He is a very interesting person, the journalist, photographer and musician. I think, its possible thing to call him the leader and ideologist of Russian neo-folk movement, because of  being him the creator of national dark-folk/neo-folk web-site SEIDR.WOODS.RU. Wolfsblood is deeply into the Nothern mythology and Runes magic. Item, I recorded the music theme on gusli (the Russian national ancient string instrument, something like hand-harp) for his debut album “The Twilight Of The World”, released on Cynnfeird Records last autumn. Anyway, It was a good album, I think, rather shamanic and mysterious... And Wolfsblood is a web-master of MOON FAR AWAY official Internet-site , too. 

Count Ash, Archangelsk, – FRANCE

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